1.     How do I know if I am covered for a cleaning?

Generally, if you are a full-time student and you paid the registration fees, including the Ignite activity fee (formally HSF), you are covered.  If you are not sure, simply check with Ignite (formally HSF) to confirm your coverage as not all full-time programs are covered (ie. Apprentice programs, LBS programs & some GAS).   IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW IF YOU ARE COVERED PRIOR TO YOUR DENTAL APPOINTMENT.


2.     How much insurance coverage do I have?

As of September, 2011, HSF (now called Ignite) has introduced the Flex Plan.  This gives all students (as of September, 2011), the option of choosing the insurance plan that best suits them.  However, it is important to know that once you have chosen your plan, that is the plan you will have for the duration of your program.  It cannot be changed from year to year.


3.     What is the Flex Plan?

This gives you the option to pick from 3 different types of insurance plans.  The Balanced Plan gives you a $500 maximum for your dental coverage, the Dental Enhanced Plan gives you $800 & the Drug Enhanced Plan gives you $400.  It is very important that you review each plan & choose the one best for you.  You do not need to pay extra to have an Enhanced Plan, however, to get extra for one service (ie. Dental), your coverage decreases in other areas (ie. Drug coverage).

There are brochures available in our office & outside the Ignite office (formally HSF) that give detailed information on all 3 plans….or visit www.wespeakstudent.com


4.      What services are covered under my student benefits?

You are 100% covered for cleanings (up to 4 units – 1 hour of time), polish, x-rays and fluoride treatment – this is the same whether you have the Dental Enhanced Plan or the Balanced Plan.  You also have 75% coverage for fillings and extractions under the Balanced Plan & 85% under the Enhanced Plan.  However, your maximum amount of coverage is $500 under the Balanced Plan & $800 under the Dental Enhanced Plan.  For complete information on your dental benefits, please refer to http://wespeakstudent.com


5.      I don’t have any problems with my teeth.  Why do I need to get them cleaned?

Just like everything in your body, you need to maintain and look after your teeth and gums.  Without healthy gums, you are at risk for losing your teeth in the future.  Bleeding gums?  Bad breath?  You could have gum disease and not know it.  Bleeding gums are one of the first signs of gum disease and bad breath can be a result of build-up and bacteria on your teeth and gums.

In order to ensure overall health, maintaining your oral health is a key component.


6.      Can Humber Staff use this service?

Absolutely!  You receive the same discounts on whitening and custom sport mouthguards.  All insurance coverage is accepted in our clinic including Sunlife.


7.      How long does my insurance last?

If you are attending school for a full year, the policy year on your insurance starts Sept. 1st – Aug. 31st.  If you are only attending for one semester, it only covers for that semester (ie. Sept. 1 – Dec. 31,  Jan. 1 – April 30, May 1 – Aug. 31).


10.      How do I make an appointment for the dentist or for a cleaning?

Simply call our office or send an email request for the time and date you wish to have an appointment and we will respond within 2 business days.

*For all emergency appointments, only the area of concern will be assessed.  A separate appointment will have to be booked for a complete exam if you wish to have other areas checked.


9.      I was told I have a cavity & that it needs a filling but it is not hurting me.  Why do I need to get it done?

We will not recommend treatment for you that you do not need.  It is important to understand that if you are advised that you have a cavity, it must be treated.  If it goes untreated, over time, it only gets bigger, causing risk of sensitivity & pain & possibly more extensive treatment making the costs go up as well.  A cavity starts out very small, with no symptoms but as time goes on, it increases in size & can eventually get deep enough, resulting in the need for a root canal.  This can more than triple the original cost of the filling that was required.




  • The paper MoreCare card used by international students is not dental insurance.
  • Dental insurance is part of most full time programs; it is your responsibility to know if your program is eligible and what insurance type you have. (Balanced/Enhanced Drug/Enhanced Dental)
  • You must inform us of any changes to your student status.  If you drop from full-time status to part-time status, you will no longer be covered under your insurance.
  • You can use your Humber dental insurance at any dental office.  All the information  you need is available at your Ignite office (formally HSF).  There are dental forms available with your policy number pre-printed.
  • You must inform us if you have used your Humber insurance at another dental office.  It will affect your coverage at this office.
  • You can no longer opt out of Humber insurance.
  • Cleanings are not free.  They are covered under your Humber dental insurance.  You get 1 hour of time within your yearly dental coverage.  Please check your coverage prior to coming in to book your appointment.
  • We are not your insurance provider, we are a service provider.  If you have claims from other dental offices please inquire with that office, with Claim Secure (your insurance provider) or Ignite (formally HSF).  We are not permitted to give you information about any services that were not performed at Campus Dental.
  • We are not a walk-in clinic.  Appointments must be made.  Sometimes we are booking 2-3 weeks in advance. We do make exceptions for emergencies, however, you will only be seen for the specific area of concern.  Any additional assessment requires another appointment.


  • We need 48 hours notice for all cancellations or changes to appointment times – failure to do so results in a $40 fee that must be paid prior to your next appointment.  You must speak with someone or leave a message on our voicemail.  Although we will call you the day before, this is strictly a courtesy.  Please do not rely on us to be your appointment reminder.  We do not always call before the 48 hour cut off.  It is your responsibility to get in touch with us first if you wish to avoid the missed appointment fee.  The office contact details are on your appointment card & posted on the website.

*Helpful hint?…..if you have a cell phone, put the appointment time in your calender with a 2 or 3 day reminder.