What to Expect at Your 1st Dental Hygiene Appointment

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for your 1st appointment. You will need to fill out forms about your medical/dental history.
  • We will review to ensure there are no conditions that could impact our method of treatment.

Initial Exam

  • Exam of your head & neck to check for abnormalities including a check of your jaw joints.
  • Blood pressure check.
  • Exam of inside of mouth including teeth, gums, all hard & soft tissues, tongue & back of throat.

Scaling (cleaning) of your teeth

  • Using hand &/or ultrasonic instrument to remove hard & soft deposits (tartar & plaque). Please note that all new patients are booked for 1 hour of cleaning at their first appointment, however, depending on the condition of your teeth, you may need to come for additional treatment to complete your cleaning. Once we are familiar with your dental care needs, future appointments will be booked accordingly
  • Polish of teeth, if necessary, to remove stain.
  • Note: We book all new patients an hour of time.  In some cases this may not be enough time for your dental health needs.  In this case we may need to book you back to complete your cleaning.  This would only happen at your first appointment.  Once we are familiar with your dental care needs, future appointments will be booked with the specified time you need.

Other treatment may be recommended:

  • Fluoride treatment – strengthen & remineralize teeth
  • Desensitization of teeth to reduce cold sensitivity
  • X-rays may be prescribed by the dentist for diagnostic purposes including checking for cavities, periodontal disease, defects/abnormalities, infections & position of teeth (including wisdom teeth).

All significant findings will be communicated to you through the dental hygienist or the dentist. We will provide you with a full treatment plan and estimate for any necessary treatment.

You will be provided with education about your oral health, including how it can affect your overall health, for the duration of your appointment. We encourage our patients to ask questions and inquire about all aspects of their treatment.

Your dental hygienist will customize an oral care program for you specific to your needs. We will include information/education on nutritional & diet influences, smoking, oral hygiene habits including home care and make recommendations to optimize your oral health.